MS Stream Mobile (iOS) External Microphone, and a couple other questions

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I have not figured out a way to enable an external microphone with the MS Stream iOS app and my iPhone XS Max. In addition, the video from my front camera is flipped horizontally, and while it captures video in 1080p resolution, when uploaded, the highest resolution I can get is 720p.


I'd like to use an external mic, not have the video flipped, and have it posted at 1080p.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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OK, I have discovered a hidden, very cryptic way to flip the video horizontally while editing, but WHY is the default recording flipped in the first place? 

Still haven't figured out how to enable an external microphone or enable 1080p quality when uploaded.



Ok, I'm down to just wondering if it's possible to post from MS Stream Mobile and have it be higher than 720p resolution. Surely somebody must know the answer to this. I know, don't call you Shirley.