MS Stream Invalid Authentication Token

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Hi All,

my teacher uses MS Teams and he records the lectures. I want to watch the recordings after class but get this message. MS Stream Invalid authentication token. Is there an error on my side? What can I do to be able to watch the recordings?


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@FLorina  did you ever find out what was going on?  We are running into the exact same issue.



This is connected with identity management. i think you are getting the information because user who is trying to watch video is outside organisation? 

Hello @Audrius Martinkus 

Yes, I confirm that for my case, it's a user outside the organization (Guest user). 

Could you tell if this is not supported for the GUEST please ? OR how we coud fix the bug ?

I wouldn't call it a bug. Security and privacy is at the heart of Microsoft so there are some limitation when you want to share organisational video's with outside people. There will be role in upcoming months in Streams who could set the video's for everyone to see public. As for invalid access token - right now i'm trying to find some understanding about organisational relationships and see if that can be set up somewhere. Will come back if will get lucky :) 

Hello, I have guest rights too. Did you find a solution to see the video recorded for this kind of users?



Thank you in advance!




We are having the same issue. I'm a guest member of a speakers network hosted by a company who invited us to join their Team as guests. We have weekly lunch and learns where we all take turns presenting a topic. These meetings are recorded. But none of us guests can access the recording. We all get "Invalid Authentication Token". We're all guest members of the team. Many of us have watched the live session. Why wouldn't we be able to access the recording within that environment? 


We, all the students from the university are having the same issue. I know that a large number of us are having a lot of trouble because of this, since MS Teams is the only platform that we are using in the vast majority of subjects that became virtual these weeks due to the global emergency.


Hi, I experienced the same errors, but with two possibilities.

1. The one is members as guests cannot view the instructors video and you need to delete the guest membership and join with the proper primissions, which is in most cases impossible I found when you create a group for students to join, due to company policy. It seems that is how it is.

2. The other is when you have more than one profile and you are using Teams logged in with the one but Streams are tied to the other opened profile, you need to log out and log in with the same profile as your TEAMS profile. Then provided you are NOT a Guest member you will be able to use Streams option to download the video. This is just my experience and I am talking from a user perspective.

Ask the instructor to download the video him/herself and upload onto Blackboard or some other tool such as OneDrive/DropBox etc. after the lecture or meeting

como mis invitados de  teams pueden ver los videos grabados en microsoft stream. les pone invalid authentication token y no pueden ver el video@DrWaves 

@estudiosfarmaceuticos  - Unfortunately, @KaizerBill has the right recommendation here. Microsoft Stream does not yet support Guest nor Unauthenticated (public anonymous) access. The owner of the Teams video would have to place the video in an application that does support external access, such as in a Teams file tab, OneDrive, SharePoint document library, etc.


External access is on the roadmap, and for live streams, is currently being tested in a limited preview with Microsoft Stream live events through July 1, 2020.



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