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I teach chemistry. Some time ago, I created a numer of channels (one for each subject containing several videos). The other teachers (same company) now also uploaded videos as well. So if you login to MS Stream, you see all videos. Now I would like to create a group (i.e. Chemistry) and move all my channels into this group. How can I do this?

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Sorry we don't have a way for you to move a channel into a group.


Best you can do is create your new group (and channels under that group), and then change the permissions on the existing videos to put them into the new group/channels. Unfortunately we don't have any way to take bulk actions in Stream.


Or if you still have the original video files you might want to just drag/drop them onto the new group/channels to avoid having to change permissions video by video. When you drag/drop a video onto a group/channel it automatically sets the group/channel in the permissions section by default.  You'd still have to go in and delete the old videos as well.

This thread is a bit old, I just wanted to see if this was possible yet, I migrate channels to and/or from groups. Thanks!

@Marc Mroz still waiting on this functionality too.  Organizing videos in to appropriate channels and groups is a nightmare without:

1. Being able to move channels to different groups

2. Being able to bulk move videos to different channels

@Marc Mroz,


Hopefully this will change because this is simply a mistake in UI/UX. Please let the community know when Microsoft intends to repair this bug. The marketplace demands this kind of functionality, and it would be tremendous if Microsoft would commit more toward this end. Thanks and I look forward to your update.

@crwinchester I hope they come up with a fix for it. It's obviously desired by users. I don't know much about programming, but it seems like it would be a fairly simple fix. Having jumped into using Stream for work without having had much time to play with it and learn it first, I created channels. Now I would like to better organize them under a group, but I have literally have hundreds of videos in one of the channels and it would be quite the undertaking to move/reclassify them individually. 

Microsoft, do you have any updates on whether this going to be repaired? A few years have gone by in this thread without any response. Has this product been abandoned? If so, customers still have mountains of data stored here and we will need to plan in order to migrate our data elsewhere. I look forward to your prompt reply.

@crwinchester  - This request is for our Stream (Classic) solution which is not getting any new updates. Stream (Classic) will be retired over the next year. We'll start the 1 year countdown to shut down and 6 month countdown to blocking new uploads starting in early Q1 CY2023. See the retirement timeline and migration tool here:


The new solution is to upload your videos into SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Yammer directly. We are calling this "Stream (on SharePoint)" because it integrated from the storage on up into M365 where all files are stored. We strongly encourage you to start doing that now instead of using Stream (Classic). 


For this specific request, once your videos are in M365 instead of in Stream (Classic) this problem goes away. You could either...

  1. Have your videos in a folder in your Teams team for the class and at the end of the year just use the bulk copy or move operation in Teams/SharePoint library to move the videos into a new class
  2. OR You could have a separate SharePoint communication site for the videos independent of any Teams team classes, where you link the videos into classes year over year. You could build a few landing pages in SP in this seperate site and link them into each class via the SharePoint teams channel app.
    1. See this guide for how to build "video channel" type experiences with SP pages: Featuring a set of videos on a page - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn
    2. See this on how to add a SP page to a Teams channel tab: Add a SharePoint page, list, or document library as a tab in Teams - Microsoft Support



@Marc Mroz 

This is frustrating news. On the user end, we don't want to keep moving things around and changing entire pathways to upload and share videos by channel organization. I understand technology software updates and improves, but to completely move and shift where we are having to store and organize videos creates huge time consuming tasks for us on the user end. I have years of videos in Stream that you are telling me I'm going to have to migrate to SharePoint? I read the link about the migration tool and it says it will only be available for global admins? That makes me think that I won't even be able to use it. I am a local admin, but not global in the district that uses 365. This is yet one more headache that's been created for us instead of resolved.

Same here! I can't even find my videos as I managed channels for other people too so I have huge amounts of videos.  How do you search for them? I tried searching by the name and the Channel name to no avail.  They still work where I embedded them for now but have no idea how to translate this. We use them in our LMS for e-learning. Why would this function be removed? Now videos will be all over the place in Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams... the nice thing about Stream was they were easily organized.

None of these options are easy to do, we have faculty who need to do this. We do not use Teams regularly, except Chat because it is not reliable and things are separated from everything else (we found out, files saved in Teams, are not anywhere else). They also do not help an administrator who needs to find files if someone leaves and change ownership, we have no idea where they saved them. This is the same nightmare educators went through with OfficeMix to Video and then we are happy with Stream and now this....