More Statistic data of uploaded video.

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Hi everyone,


I need to have more statistic details about the uploaded video in a Stream channel. 

By default i can have statistic like number of visualization, "i likes" and comments.


I would need to have something like:

- if an user has viwed all the video

- when an user visualized a video

- who visualized the video

- etc....


do anyone have some suggestion about my needs?



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@andirodi85 - We don't have these today from Stream. We are working on better analytics to cover some of those in 2020.


For now your only options are...

1. Harvest the O365 Audit logs (example here:

2. Look into licensing an eCDN provider like (Hive or Kollective), as they have much better analytics built into their solution (even if you don't need the network optimization):