Missing Orphaned Container in Stream (Classic) Migration Tool

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Today my Stream (Classic) inventory report has 6 orphaned video containers (Orphan Videos 0, Orphan Videos 1, Orphan Videos 2, Orphan Videos 3, Orphan Videos 4, Orphan Videos 5) but the scan in the Stream (Classic) migration tool only shows 5 containers, with Orphan Videos 0 missing.


Orphan Videos 0 suddenly appears today in the Power BI report as I have been cleaning the permissions of the orphaned videos for the past few days, resulting in videos in some orphaned containers jump to other orphaned containers.


The affected videos are not indicated as belonging to Orphan Videos 0 in the inventory report.


How to get Orphan Videos 0 appear in the migration tool then?

Orphan Videos 0.png

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