Migration Tool: Scan on M365 Groups does not show all existing videos if group is not owner

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As an Stream and SharePoint Admin I started to prepair the migration from Stream Classics to Stream on SharePoint. We made a clean up regarding our iniligible and eligable videos. 

In this context, we noticed that the M365 Group scan is incomplete. Entire Groups are not captured or the number of videos existing in the Group is greater than the number of videos scanned.

Microsoft has named 3 reasons why a video is not migrating and probably not showing up in the scan:

- No existing container id - means the video is orhaned - the user has left the company

- Status : not proceeded or  not completed - If you search as a Stream Admin regarding "unpublished" Videos you'll find unproceeded videos. They have an upload error and exists serveral times.

- Final - User has not published a video.

As we find out, the Group must be additonal owner besides the owner in the video? 
2023-02-06 12_15_23-Update video 'Einführung SharePoint für #Easygenerator Autoren' _ Microsoft Stre.png

Dear Microsoft could you please adapt your search query on Stream classic! It is not possible to adapt manually all video permission. Futhermore all members of the group would be owner !  


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Did you ever solved this in a good way? We have the same problem with videos being displayed in a M365 group in Stream (Classic) but during the migration those videos will be scattered to many different users' OneDrive. Is a nightmare to explain this to the users.