Migration Tool says complete but no videos appear on SharePoint destination

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Today, no migration resulted in videos actually appearing on the destination SPO sites. Yesterday we had successful migrations. Only difference, yesterday I made sure I was an owner on the SPO sites. Today, since the tool let me select the destination without being an owner on the destination, I didn't add myself as an owner. 

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More on this: we noticed that moving StreamOnly groups resulted in not being able to view videos in the destination folder, but individual user containers migrated to the same folder were visible. 

@SteveUlrichTE I was experiencing the same issue with StreamOnly groups, I watched the last migration run and videos showed it as populating in the SharePoint destination during the migration process and then disappeared once it was completed.


An Architect will full site privileges checked and they did not appear for me due to issues with my specific permissions on the site and Stream folder. They are appearing for those with full access to the site and who had original permissions to the group in Stream Classic. 



@SteveUlrichTE I'm sure you figured this out by now, but you will definitely want to be the site collection administrator for the site or else the Group owner if it is a team site with an M365 group to see all files. It sounds like it is likely the permissions were locking you out like @SashaMW suggested.
Understood, and that makes sense, but if a collection of videos were marked as viewable by the entire company in Stream (Classic), then I would assume that a folder containing them would be viewable in SP. All good though, as redirect links are working and playing the videos in a standalone window, even though I can't see them on the SP site.

@SteveUlrichTE We're having the same issues. The video is marked as "restricted view" for Everyone Except External Users but users can't even see the parent folder and when you view the video via a direct link there's an error.


cc: @nanditjain Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 8.52.15 AM.png