Migration to Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint files without container

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Dear all,

under Stream classic we have 700 GB videos and 2908 files from the usage report on stream classic

(created via powershell) 


The migration tools to Stream on Sharepoint shows us :

Scanned videos 2032
Scanned data 516.73 GB
Containers 308
From the usage report on stream classic there are 914 videos with no container (name and type empty) and absolutely visible and working on Stream Classic.
The question is quite simple: how can migrate also these 914 videos with no container ?
in the end, however, the numbers don't add up : 2032 + 914 = 2946 and not 2908 like in the report but are probably details :) 
Thanks in advance to all who will help us.
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@Roberto Ialino 

The videos with no container are considered orphaned videos. The owner is no longer a licensed user in your organization. To migrate them you have a few options.


  1. You can go add an owner or a group owner to each of the orphaned videos and then use the migration tool to migrate them to a user OneDrive or to a Group SharePoint site.

  2. You can wait for the update to the migration tool that is currently estimated to occur around July 21, 2023 that will migrate all of the orphaned videos at one time into a single container (or multiple depending on the number of videos).

  3. You can look at those orphaned videos and see when the last time was that they were viewed because maybe they are old and no one has been watching them for 18 mos or more and you don't need them and can leave them behind to be deleted with the platform.
Hi Karen,
thanks a lot for all your points,
Much appreciated.

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