Microsoft Stream Video to YouTube Channel

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Hi All,


Can anyone advise how I move a video I have recorded in Microsoft Stream and upload it to my youtube channel?



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@Hens_Matthews  Download the video from Stream ( and upload it to YouTube.

@Tomislav KarafilovIs it possible to automate download STREAM - upload Youtube process?

@KeithAquilina  Currently no. The download option is a call to the application API and not a directly callable link. When you search through the web client, you will find the download URL like this:


https://<storage location><Video-GUID>?fileName=<...>&validTill=2020-06-03T00%3a00%3a00.0000000Z&aadUserOId=<User-GUID>&encoding=base64&api-version=<api version>&signature=<...>


It is in the result of a files-API call to Stream. With the right token you can use this to download the video with some programming skills. But this is not an official way!

That was SO easy! It DOES work guys, I just did it! Thank you Tomislav.
Just FYI, the first or second post solution worked very easily. I am not tech savvy and I did it easily.