Microsoft stream the authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource

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I have a user that is within my organization trying to access a video that I have set to share with the entire organization.  This is the message he gets everytime he tries to view it.  I had him sign out of all his account and clear cookies but nothing seems to work.


microsoft stream the authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource

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Does he have a Stream License? Can he access Stream and view other videos?

@Chris Webb So, for some reason every other person in my organization had the checkbox selected to use the Streams app except for the one who couldn't view the videos.  I am not sure why it was de-selected but it was.  I checked the box for the user and he could watch.  Very strange.

@ORealLee  You mentioned that a checkbox needs to be ticked in order that people in Teams can actually view pre-recorded Streams video. Are you able to tell me where these checkboxes are? Thank you,


@LauraTew It has been awhile and my memory is shaky but I believe you go into the admin area once signed into your office account>click "users">active users>select user that can't view "Stream">Licenses and Apps>scroll until you see "Stream for Office 365".  I think that was de-selected when I had this problem before.

@ORealLee I had the same issue. I went to the place where my video was saved/stored on the Microsoft Stream and click the "Add to group/channel" icon (small rectangle with a + sign). In the Share With, search for people you want them to see the video and save.