Microsoft Stream Sensitivity, The classification field can't be empty

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Hi all, after the sensitivity preview was enable users can not loner create groups on Microsoft Stream, because the sensitivity text box its empty, I have proceed to create a sensitivity category at Security and Compliance and publish this as a policy too, but the box still showing empty and the Microsoft Stream's group can't be created, the steps to create a new sensitivity category mentioned that Microsoft Stream is not on the list as supported apps for it, 

so I s it possible to disable this for Microsoft Stream? Am I the only user with this problem?

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@Gamaliel_Corona  Tried it in a tenant I have an account (not my tenant), where sensitiviy labels are configured. Works! @Raphael Koellner did you hear something about this?


We have the same problem. With this new UI for Stream groups including Sensitivity, we are not able to edit the group anymore in Stream.

We don't have Sensitivity label policy, but on this page it seams that Sensitivity is mandatory.

Any help ?