Microsoft Stream roadmap delayed?

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According to this article (with a messed up layout):


The following features should have gone live in Stream at the end of 2017:

  • Featured videos on home page and channel page
  • Featured channels on home page
  • External public anonymous
  • Statistics - View trend, which part of video viewed
  • O365 Category C Compliance Standards
  • Publish from PowerPoint

It seems these features have not yet been released. I also cannot find them back on Is there a new planning available somewhere?

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Agreed, things seem to be taking longer with Microsoft Stream.  I imagine a lot of the engineering effort is going towards facilitating migration of Office 365 Video to Stream, not leaving so much time for other things. 


I'd previously asked for Stream to be added to the Office 365 roadmap a while back and it was confirmed this was on its way.  For a product that went GA in June 2017, I'm surprised some of these basics haven't been covered.  Hopefully, a slew of updates, roadmap items, blog updates and better guidance are on there way!

@Marc Mroz might share some insights here about what to expect in regards of Stream evolution. What is clear to me, according to latest news coming from Microsoft is that Stream is considered as an strategic service for  Microsoft in 2018

Indeed, it's a big year for Microsoft Stream and hopefully, all the pieces are starting to fall into place.  It's going to be challenging though by the looks of it, managing and implementing a complicated migration while delivering new features.


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