Microsoft Stream Default Setting to English

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Can anyone tell me how to set Microsoft Stream's Default setting to English?

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- Sign in to the Microsoft Stream portal.
- In the top right corner, select the user icon.
- Select Microsoft Stream settings.
- Choose the language and the regional format that you want to be used for localization.

Please refer the below document .

Hope this helps!
Thanks very much, but I am wondering is there a way to set it globally for our company. Can you direct me to a document where I can setup a policy that encompasses all user's where they do not have to set it themselves?

There is no separate settings available for Streams, Globally if you wan to set the language preference you can set it up here for all your apps under 365.


Hope this helps! 


Thanks Thuyavan Ganesan   , but there is nothing relating to language in these settings




Please see this article to set the preferred language for the user in Powershell.


Simply modify the powershell to do this for all users. This is recommended if you want to do the users in bulk and not trawl through the portal doing it for each user. 

Caveat: whilst the official article say it sets the preferred language for all apps, I do not know 100% that this will automatically set the language in Stream as per this article

This is because Stream is a more recent and decentralised application like Yammer.


It would be great to test it on a user and find out.

Best, Chris

Thank you Christopher, I will give this a try

@Danette what if I have the opposite problem: my organization set a default language I can't read and I want my default language (already set in Office 365) to work for Stream, so that I don't need the browser to translate the UI.

I find it strange that Stream (not Microsoft Stream Classic) is not using my Office 365 settings when all other apps do.