Microsoft Stream Channel embedded in SharePoint Modern Site Shows Authentication Error

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In the SharePoint Team Site, I had added a Stream channel as a web part 

but it shows an authentication error 



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@Girija_Sankar - That message means the user viewing the page doesn't have access to the channel in Stream. Just because a user has access to the SP page it doesn't mean they were granted access in Stream. You'd need to go into Stream and make sure the permissions on the Group that contains the channel are correct.  Or is the channel from that same group in the screen shot "Experience Research Goldmine"? If so then that seems like something else is going wrong and you should open a support case for investigation.

@Marc Mroz  Thank you for your response 


The channel was the same channel as per the site please refer to the screenshot and also enabled allow everyone in your company to view the checkbox 





Please open a support case, for further investigation. It looks like you are indeed using the same m365 group which means the permissions should work.