Microsoft Stream a part of Office 365 Business Premium?

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Hello Stream Community,


Is Stream a part of Office 365 Business Premium or are there additional costs? I just want the base model that I can share videos, not something that have face recognition or translates who is talking. When I am in my admin portal it shows Unlimited Licenses available for Stream. I plan to use this for SharePoint videos for others at work to see. Let me know! 

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Hi Brian, no it's not included "Microsoft Stream is not included in the Business Premium or Business Essentials plans" but it is available as a standalone offering as well.  More details are here - Licensing overview.

Thanks for confirming. Just brief follow up. Is Office 365 Video then included? Just seeing what options I have to use video in the new SharePoint pages. 

Office 365 Video doesn't come with Office 365 Business Premium either.  If you are looking at the different permutations, it's worth checking out the Office 365 Platform Service Description.

Thanks. I think youtube embeds are going to be my best free option then. Thanks for your help! 

Just for clarification... the unlimited Stream licenses you see in your tenant are for the Stream trial, which allows you to use and try it out, but will eventually go away and you won't be able to upload new videos.


As Cian mentioned above, Stream and O365 Video are not included in Business Premium, sorry.

No problem. Ill probably use YouTube instead then. I just wanted to try to stick with MS products for SharePoint.

Hi guys,


In a recent Microsoft Mechanics video it was mentioned that Stream is "most recently available in our small business plans too", which I understand means Business Essentials and Business Premium. But aside from this brief reference to the feature's inclusion in more plans, there is no information anywhere.


Did Jeremy Chapman spill the beans too soon or was he referring to the ability to purchase Stream plans alongside Essentials and Premium?

I just heard that too. 

We announced on 7/12 that the AI features (speech to text transcript and face detection) will move down to all the Enterprise, Frontline, Education, and Stream Plan 1 licenses.


AI-powered features available to more customers

As part of our commitment to empower people and organizations with AI, we are expanding the availability of intelligent features in Stream, including:

  • Speaker timelines that use facial detection to identify who is talking, so you can easily jump to a particular speaker in the recording.
  • Speech-to-text and closed captions that capture the event in a readable form and make the content more accessible for everyone
  • Transcript search and timecodes that let you quickly find moments that matter in a video.

Later this quarter, these features will become available in all enterprise, firstline and education plans of Office 365, as well as Stream Plan 1.


But we haven't announced any changes to the Small Business licenses.


We in the product group have been advocating for this business planning change in the past along with the change to push down the AI features to all enterprise/edu licenses. The AI licensing change happened, so it's still possible for the small business license change to happen too, but it hasn't happened yet.

Thank you Marc! 

A big update according to the Office 365 Roadmap (Feature ID: 33019) "Microsoft Stream available in Office 365 SMB"


"Microsoft Stream will be available by default in all Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business plans."


So it looks like this could be changing soon, which would be great news, expanding the availability of Microsoft Stream to more customers!

This would be HUGE - I can find no definitive info online about it though. Any MS team members here who can confirm that Stream is officially included in O365 Business Premium? If so, what are the limits? 

According to the revised Microsoft Docs page the Business Essentials and Business Premium plans of Stream would be on par with what you get on Education A1. The most noteworthy omission of features would be the creation of live events, both through Stream directly or through Teams.


Coupled with the inclusion in Office 365 of some features previously exclusive to Stream Plan 2 (face detection and transcript search), the Business Essentials and Premium version of Stream seems pretty decent, and could work for the vast majority of organizations.

Yep, I noticed that it started showing up to our SMB users a while back. Initially thought it was the trial again, but Microsoft actual did push Stream out to all plans.


I have to say, I'm very happy to see this. I'd suggest Microsoft market it a bit better. Obviously for SMB users you are competing with other free options to host company videos. But Stream has some major advantages with Channel/Group controls at the tenant level, AI people recognition, and audio transcription. In my testing so far it works really well and for those IT Admins that already are on Office 365 this is a great addition to simplify things while adding some real value.


I'm also pleased with how they've split features with the P2/Enterprise product. It make a lot of sense. Working for a large Enterprise, who bought our SMB, I could see the live events being a real plus. What they currently do lacks all the nice advantages you would get with something like this, and I'm certain they are spending a LOT more when they host their "town halls" and other company events. This is something that most SMB's wouldn't require.

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best response confirmed by Brian Knutson (Brass Contributor)

Hi Brian, no it's not included "Microsoft Stream is not included in the Business Premium or Business Essentials plans" but it is available as a standalone offering as well.  More details are here - Licensing overview.

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