Microsoft Steam Videos and JavaScript Events?

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Is there any way to add a JavaScript listener to the videos to get an event as to when a video starts and stops so I can carry out an action.


What I am attempting to do is to build a training video library for my organisation and when the video completes it updates a list item. At the moment I am stuck with running a timer in the background which is not a very good solution.


Any help here would be great, thank you.



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Hi @steve1625,

Currently there is no way to do to do this. If it is a feature that you want to see I would recommend raising this as a Stream Feature Request here

I would also consider raising a feature request to do a training series template similar to a channel that as members watch the videos/playlists then it is marked off as completed. Similar in a way to this feature request for a playlist.

Stream, like Forms, is an evolving application yet is still relatively new. It has quite a way to go before it's consider a mature application, however the team has made some great progress the last 12 months.

Hope this answers your question. If so, please set a like and solution/best response in order to drive others to this feature request.

Best, Chris