Mailbox required to be a Stream admin

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We just discovered that you cannot be a Stream admin unless your account has a mailbox.

Is there a reason for this dependency?

Our admin accounts typically don't have a mailbox associated with them - plus it now requires I have to license the admin account.

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We do require users assigned to anything in Stream to have a Stream license. So the user will need to be licensed for Stream just like any other user. Is that what's causing the issue or have you for sure narrowed it down to the lack of a mailbox? 


Is there a specific error you see that you can share with us?


Is the issue when adding the user to the Stream admin field in Stream admin settings? 


Or is it when that admin user tries to log into Stream?

Hi Marc - We narrowed it down to having a mailbox.
We gave the account a Stream license,a nd even an E3 (without the exchange feature enabled) and we cannot select it when adding new Admins to Stream.
No Errors - it's just the account will not show up in the search picker when trying to add a new admin.

I just tried to reproduce this issue in a test tenant and I wasn't able to. I have user with Stream license but not Exchange and no mailbox. I was able to assign that user as a Stream admin.



The only other thing we can think of is that we do block any users in the people picker search who are "guest" users in AAD. Is it possible you have this user marked as "external" or "guest"? 


Also note, that if a user is a "Global Tenant Admin" of O365 they are automatically a Stream admin even if they aren't listed on the list. So if a user has the "global administrator" role assigned they'll get the same extra rights as a Stream Admin when browsing in Stream.

In our case, there are regular user accounts and not global admins.
I'll send you some screenshots of what we are seeing just to make sure you are testing apples-to-apples. We don't need to add any new admins for now, so not an urgent bug to fix, although we'd like to reclaim those licenses if we could!