Looks like you can't create a group via create a channel

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Just need to clarify as I am preparing some resources for users in our Company.. Looks like you cannot create a new group when you create a channel - So I should advise users to first create a group then add a new channel if they want to limit the people who view it.
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That's the way I see it currently is as well. Also, it appears you cannot edit a channel after you create it, so you cannot move a companywide channel into a group. I'd also like to be able to put channels into multiple groups.
I found this to be true exploring Stream so have made training material to advise to that effect too. I would also check what licence you have as some of the features like face detection and transcript view and search are not available if you haven't got the right licence so warn people if linking to the video content to advise if you haventy got these features .
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@Mandy Clark Your understanding is correct, you need to create a group before you create a channel under it. Channels are essentially a way to organize content within a group and they themselves do not have any characteristics of permissions, they live within a group.

If you would like to have a quick group create button from the context of the create channel menu, I encourage you to add your idea to the Microsoft Stream ideas forum (

@Rick Palm This is specifically designed to be a 1:1 mapping as channels are a way to organize videos, they themselves don't actually contain the video permissions, that is done at the group level.  You can think of channels as just a pointer to the content creating a list, but doesn't actually contain the videos themselves.  The videos are permissioned to the group, not the channel. 


None the less, I encourage you to add your idea to the Microsoft Stream ideas forum (