Look and feel updates for Stream?

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I did see there was a look and feel survey some time back.  Can you share what came of that or what your plans are?   Specifically.....


  1. Any plans to allow themes or at least the same color palette that we use for the rest of Office 365?o it
  2. Will the app launcher be fixed up so it looks and feels similar?


I've read you are inching closer to GA, and it does scare me a little that at least #2 hasn't been addressed yet but I assume it will be. I'm guessing #1 might just be how it is.... with the pink theme being the end result, which isn't the end of the world.  





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Hi @clechner,


I think you mean the Survey below?

Survey: Help us name concepts in Stream (Part2)

The survey is not available now, which is mostly related with renaming new concepts in Microsoft Stream.


New information related with Microsoft Stream would be published in the Microsoft Stream blog:


And if you have any ideas, please consider post in the Microsoft Stream idea forum:




Hi @clechner. You can add your idea for #1 into the ideas forum.  Can you explain what you mean by number 2?

I posted #1 here


As for #2, I mean, if you click on the waffle / app launcher in Stream, it takes you to https://portal.office.com/myapps, where all other apps dropdown all other apps available.  Even the other standalone apps (Planner, PowerBI, Sway, etc) offer the same / or very similar experience instead of forwarding to a list of apps like Stream does.