Livestream Event for Yammer using a Webcam connected to laptop

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I'm struggling to create a live stream event that I can publish onto Yammer.  I'm working through the Stream instructions but I'm stumbling on the configure encoder bit.  Do I need additional software for the such as Wirecast S?  I'm having issues with that as well.  I thought I could simply stream the event with just the webcam.



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If you want to host the event in Yammer you need to create the event from Yammer by clicking on "Create a Live Event" found in the right pane, this then prompts the Teams app for scheduling and configuration.

If you have 3rd party webcast software such as Wirecast, then when scheduling your live event you choose the External Encoder option.  If you do not have this kind of software choose the Quick Start option, which will allow Teams to act as your switcher/encoder.

Does this help?@Garry Rawlins 

@Scott TupperPerfect Scott - it all went well until I saw the bit about viewing the event direct in Yammer was still in preview and that it would open in Teams.  Oh well my elation was soon deflated once again so I'll just wait.  Many of our colleagues don't use Teams so we want to push out through Yammer.


Thanks for your help.


Garry @ Selfridges

Live Events is out of Preview so your viewers can watch this in Yammer.  They would only watch it in Teams if they are a part of the production team.  If you add people to the live event they are a part of the production team as either a Producer or Presenter and will participate via Teams.  Another link is created at the end and that one is for your attendees to view via Yammer  Does that make sense? @Garry Rawlins 

@Scott TupperWhen I create the live event from Yammer - it opens Teams creates the event there and gives me two options to 'produce the event' - Teams (which can only be viewed in Teams as it says viewing direct in Yammer is in preview) or 'An external app or device'.  Then I get the attendee link which I post into our Yammer group.  If I select the Teams option I can see the camera feed in Teams as the producer.  Any attendee who clicks on the link in Yammer opens the link in Teams as well.  If I choose the external app option I get Stream opening but not much else.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

My IT dept has moved me out of Teams so at the moment I can't confirm what you are seeing.  I am attaching an old screenshot of mine so once you get past the scheduling window you should see this.  This is where you choose Quick Start Option or External encoder.  The attendee link usually is sent out via email, whereas people on Yammer simple click on the link found in the right pane under Group Events.  If you added people on the scheduling page you are adding people as presenters and producers, not attendees.  I hope this helps.encoder.png@Garry Rawlins 

@Scott Tupper

So I get this first then I get a Yammer link I can insert into a post.  I don't invite anyone when creating the event - so I'm the only producer/presenter.  Maybe viewing direct in Yammer hasn't been fully rolled out globally yet.