Link videos in Stream together to create a series about a topic...

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Hi all,

Does someone know if it is possible to ‘link’ videos together? Let’s say you have 5 short videos about a specific topic. People need to start with the first video of the series, than the second etc.

Can you set this up in MS Stream? So that Stream will automatically present, suggest the next video in the series to a viewer?

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Groups in Stream are built on top of Office 365 Groups. When you make a group in Stream, it creates a new Office 365 Group that can be used across Office 365, giving the group an email address, calendar, site, etc. If you already use Office 365 Groups in your organization from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, etc, you can start using those groups in Stream right away.



@Eric_MooijHi Eric! Playlists are currently not possible in Microsoft Stream. I have some suggestions for you:


1. Create a channel, name the videos like "Part 1 …", "Part 2 …" and so on and set the default sort order for the channel to Name. With this, the users can "see" the order they have to watch the videos.


2. Use Microsoft Forms: You can embed a Form at the end of video 1 guiding the user to see video 2 and so on.


3. Use Microsoft Forms: Create one Forms containing all Microsoft Stream Videos and send this to the users or let them access the Forms through Teams or SharePoint.


4. Create a SharePoint page containing the videos in the right order.


In addition, I would include the Information of the order in the video description in the form of links to the other videos like ("This is part 3 of the series to XYZ. Associated Videos are: Part 1: Link; Part 2: Link; …").