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Hi all


We work in education space and would like the ability for teachers to have the ability to upload to stream and not students.  Students view only.


It appears that the "Content Creation" - "Restrict video uploads" settings has a maximum of 50users and can not include a security group.


Does anyone have a suggestion for us to be able to limit the student usage (view only), but allow full staff access?

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Hi @David Munn have you verified that a security group does NOT work there?  

So from

It states search for "people and groups" - however, will only return users and not groups.

Just found a topic from 2 years ago with the same issue:

Hi @David Munn yes a normal Office Group will not work there and we are tracking that idea to enable them here, which you may want to vote on!


However I wasn't sure about an azure active directory security group.  (This is different as noted here

Ahhh! Let me do some testing on the Azure Security Group and ill get back to you!