Jump to time code via URL

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This is essentially the same as:


but specifically for the URL part of that one that wasn't addressed in the solution provided there.


In-description hotlinks are great and just work, which is fantastic, but it would be very helpful to be able to provide a user with an issue a link directly to a specific section of a relevant video, rather than providing a link to the start of the video plus an explanation of which time to skip to. Any step we can remove between the user and the solution is a step closer to success.

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@billblais if you click on Share action on the player page, you will see a Share at option which by default picks up the current time code but you can change it. The link shared would then take the user directly to that point in the video.


Is this what you were looking for?



That's exactly it! Thanks, @vishal!



I clearly missed the obvious here. Is there a Stream blog post about this? We're just starting to look into Stream and none of the blogs or videos I found talked about this feature. Even the official Stream Tour stops at 'Share with your colleagues' but doesn't mention or show this (to me) crucial element.


You might want to link this from the other message, too, as that was the only related item I'd found.


@billblais we do have a blog post that @amitr did but looks like we didn't really call out this specifically.


Perhaps, calls for another post Smiley Happy.


Also, we are updating a bunch of things as we prep for GA release so more on these is coming.

No worries, @vishal. My bad for not looking closer at the Stream blog to start with, and @amitr apparently did post specifically on direct links back in March. Not sure why it didn't come up in my searches, but there it is.


Looking forward to GA.

For anyone else looking in the future, here is the blog post that outlines the various capabilities for starting at a specific time and how to share out that link. 

@Vishal Sood 

when opening the URL with the seconds specified, still the video starts from the beginning in my case. Any idea why?

@JochenS_  Sharing a video with an URL like<GUID>?st=33 redirects to<GUID> without the query parameter, the video is paused, but at second 33, and when I start it, it begins at second 33.

@Vishal Sood  Hi do you know is there is a possibility to add an end time for playing de video? For example I only want to show between 30 sec and 1 minute.

@Vishal Sood Just to note, when I use the 'Start at this time' option and generate a URL, clicking the link to open in Chrome strips out the timecode from the URL and starts the video at the beginning. 

The same happens when I paste the URL into the browser; it just strips out this time reference.


If you could advise on this functionality, it would be much appreciated.



I'd like to paste the URL with the timestamp into a Streams playlist list but it won't let me. You have to select files from a document library.