Issue with Microsoft Virtual Academy

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I am attempting to load a stream from and it continually errors out before it finishes loading. I am new to the forum and am unsure about proper protocols. Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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@Jaalenn Dé Markello - This forum is for Microsoft Stream, an enterprise video solution you can get for your company.  


The issue you are having is with Microsoft Virtual Academy. Unfortunately I'm not sure who in MS owns/runs that public learning solution. 


I have the same problem with that course you linked to as well, so I think there is something wrong with that video. They have a link at the bottom of the MVA site to their Twitter and Blog, maybe you can ask there to have an owner of that solution take a look at the broken course.


MVA Twitter:

MVA Blog:

@Marc Mroz thank you for your advice. Hopefully whomever is able to access those systems will get the issue with their streams resolved.