Is Stream taking over Skype Broadcast?

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During the Employee Engagement Summit, they stated they were using Stream to do the broadcast. Is this Stream going to take over Skype Broadcast?


Is it going to be an extra charge or will it be included in at least the E3 license?

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There has not been any announcements about it yet so I would expect to hear something at ignite if anything.
I don't see any functionality currently within Stream to schedule a live meeting and do a live broadcast with Q&A. This is the key functionality that we use in Skype Broadcast. It appears that Stream is a video streaming service for sharing content within your company. It's not a substitute for Skype Broadcast except for that limited portion. I didn't see the Employee Engagement Summit, so maybe there's new functionality to use it as a live meeting tool.
Check the latest news. They are releasing the Skype broadcast replacement for teams and stream in preview.

I would be very interested in the Preview, but couldn't find any recent announcements. Can you share a link.



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