iOS video embed plays audio not video

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I've discovered that videos recorded in MS Stream and shared as embed are not playing back properly on some iOS devices. The audio and closed captions play, but the video portion is black. On those same iOS devices, using the MS Stream App allows normal playback of the same videos.

Are there any known tenant settings or fixes available. This extends to the embed within Teams so that nobody can properly playback Teams recorded meetings from the in channel embed via iOS devices.


Although it looked a different but similar problem, I saw in another thread that changing cross scripting settings might help. I tried it anyway but makes no difference for my problem.

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I have been having a similar issue. Teams recording is viewed fine on laptop, but in iPhone 7 and 10, only audio and black screen. I tried opening the meeting recording directly from Teams app and from the Stream app, and only gave audio and black screen. My colleague was able to view the recordings fine on his android.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Yes, this issue is there when we replay 'teams meeting recorded' and upload to streams; using iPad; the video appears as blank while audio is audible.


Please fix this issue to allow us to view the recorded classroom session at school.

My experience of this issue is slightly different, and can possibly shed some light on the issue:


For us, the Iphone Stream app can't show videos that are direct recordings from Teams meetings (audio fine, no image), but it shows fine the videos that were uploaded to Stream from mp4 files. Embedding them and viewing on desktop works fine, no matter how they were created - we only experience the issue in the Stream app.

In our school, some students are facing the same issue. Some of them fixed the issue using the Stream app, but great part of them are using a computer to watch the recordings. 


I've exactly the same problem with iOS devices from Chrome, Safari and the MS Stream apps.


Video recorded from Teams:

- Audio Ok.

- Video blank screen.   


Video uploaded from mp4 file:

- Audio and Video Ok


@JC_FR What is your iOS version? The issue here happens with video recorded from Teams and reproduced in iOS 13.6. In iOS 14 the video is playing 100%. 


MS advised us to use only the Stream app and avoid browsers, but this does not work too.

Thanks for the advice! I'm running 13.6,  I'm going to try iOS 14 beta I'll let you know @doidi