Internal user cannot access the shared video

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hello, I have shared a video on Stream with a colleague of mine who uses the same e-mail domain on Microsoft stream. She received the invitation to watch the video but cannot access it. When she follows the link from the invitation, the page tells her that video is "may be not for you". What could be the problem?

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Sounds like permissions.

If you go to and log into the portal, select your video and edit it, either adding her or make the video accessible companywide.

Hope that answers your question! Let me
know how it goes.

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@N_Titley Let us know if @Christopher Hoard suggested fix works you issue as it might be related to issue im having "Almost done" and "This may not be for you" issue.


thanks, editing and adding the colleague through edit option helped. My understanding was that if we share the video the invitee will be added to the list of people who can watch the video online by default.
No worries glad it helped!

Here is an article which should help in the future

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you for the information. I'm having the same issue, but I've looked at the list of people the video is shared with and at least two people in that list are not able to view the video, even though the video was explicitly 'shared' with them. I don't necessarily want to make them owners either. Do you know of anything else that would prevent someone from viewing a video, even though they are in the 'Share with..' list?



Same problem - I was added to the video but still get the same "Hmm ... it looks like you don't have access." error


An update for everyone having this issue. Its been over a long time since this happened to me but it was resolved and i think i recall the issue and its not mentioned on here so might be worth a check for everyone here.

For me the issue was my company microsoft account i was using was managed by IT and they handled the subscription licences and permissions on my Office 365 and other licences. The issue was i had an odd combination of permissions that meant i was not granted access to the teams video sharing part of Microsoft even though i could access other parts.

In short the solution was make sure you have a valid licence/subscription linked to your account.

@Barry_Wright subscription to what? What alias do you recommend to send this information to? I am unable to view a recording that has been shared with me. Thank you!

@ have shared a video on Stream with a colleague of mine who uses the same e-mail domain on Microsoft stream. He received the invitation can able view the excel and word documents but cannot see the video in the same access links.