I couldn't find the meeting recording in Microsoft Stream

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I'm using Microsoft teams through my school website. I have to select the class, type the lesson name, and then send an invitation link to students through school system to join classes. 

The point is the school website forwards us to teams, and after the classes I can see the chat of the meeting so I download the recording from there.

Sometimes I have consequence classes and I don't have time to download it immediately after the class. 


My question is, Where can I find all the recordings of my sessions after the school day. I have read that I might find it in Microsoft Stream after choosing "my content then meetings" But I couldn't find it at all. Is there other storage place I should look in?


Thank you!

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@abeerallaw  If you start the recording, you can look under "My content/Meetings". This is correct. But there was a change in licensing. No automatic upload with an A1 license. Maybe this is what you have. More information around this see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/portal-upload-teams-meeting-recording