How to organise videos in channel?

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I'm exploring Stream for the use case of researchgroups storing videomaterial, like videos of interviews, focusgroups or observations. Depending on the project, this could be a large number of videos. The researchproject collaborates within a group.


Is there a handy way to organise the videos within the group? I don't see something like subfolders (/subchannel), or filters on keywords. Or is the only way to use some sort of convention for the titles of the files?


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Have you seen this yet - Overview of groups & channels.  Group channels could be an option.


"Groups in Microsoft Stream are both a way to organize videos and to control access to videos. Groups allow you to define a set of owners and members of a group. Each group gets its own mini video portal, with a highlights page showing trending and new content within the group. You can even further organize your group's videos by creating channels within the group. You can put a video into one or several groups to help viewers find it more easily."



Excellent, channels within groups was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.