how to Opt-out for steams for my organization.

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HI All,

Can you please let me know , how to Opt-out for Steam for my organization.


Phase 2 – Tenant Admin Opt-out +


Thank you.




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@akoike - You are talking about the O365 Video to Stream migration correct? 

We haven't enabled the UI setting to do this yet. We are finishing up that work and will be making message center and blog post announcements about the plans for Phase 1/2/3 for the migration. We'll hopefully be ready to share more info on the migration and each phase in the coming month or two.

@Marc Mroz 
Thank you for your reply.
Please let me know how to opt out without auto migration by MS in the future.
Yesterday, I checked the message center of my organization admin portal, then MC189055 has appeared.
According to this message, MS will automatically migrate content in the future even if I choose not to migrate at this time.
but I want to migrate all of contents on my own.