How to get People time line working?

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Hi, I have an E5 license.  I streamed several events sharing my screen and web cam pointed at myself.  Transcripts text works great.  However, when I click on the people tab it says "People timelines are not available for this video."


How can I get the people time line working.  Submitting a support ticket to Office 365 got me this response that they do not support it and to try another Microsoft unit:


"Resolution: This issue is specific to the peoples app which is with Windows support..." ​


Please help.

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@Tonerz I suspect it may be due the layout of your video. Just observed in our tenant that 'People timelines' is automated available (unless explicit deselected by the video owner) but under condition that the people are in full screen. For live events (webcasts) we typically have a 'split screen layout': where we show both presenters as slidedeck in parallel windows in the webcast screen. For all recordings with a split screen, Stream displays "People timelines are not available for this video"