How to download video with subtitles

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I'm new...
My teams meetings have been uploaded to Streams..
How do I download the video with Captions?
Please assist.
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@ak_za Hi and welcome! You can download the video and a VTT file containing the captions. Downloading a video that contains the words inside the video is not possible.


The video download is described here:

Downloading captions is described here: 

@Tomislav Karafilov 

Once I download the video file and transcript file, how do I make them accessible to people?

I did a presentation for patients in my practice, and they all have hearing loss. They are not on Microsoft Teams. Do you know I can get them a link to view the video and the transcripts without them having to download anything?

These are older folks so I'm trying to basically embed the video with captions on my website and send them a link to it.  Thanks!



Download the streams video and VTT file. Upload the video to YouTube. Then upload the VTT file. Then embed the youtube video on your website.