how to add multiple members to private group?


I would like to create a private group for videos intended for only this group to view.  This group would have over 300 members.  I have only seen options to add 1 member at a time.

How can multiple members be added at once?  I have not seen anything in documentation that this can be done, but it is hard to believe only 1 person can be added at a time.




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Hi @glura,

Stream groups are built using Office 365 groups.

Therefore you can bulk add users to the Office 365 group which will sync over to the stream group

A good way to do this is Powershell

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard.  I finally got back to trying to bulk add members.  I was able to go to the O365 group using outlook online and add members there.  It allowed me to provide a o365 group for a Microsoft Teams team that are the audience for this Stream group.  It added the 290 members.  I first tried to doing the same though the Outlook desktop client, but that failed, complaining of too many members.




@Christopher Hoard - how can this be done and also have the "You have been added to a team in Microsoft Teams" message go out to each member?

Hi @Frank_Adorney

I am unsure what you mean here. This string is about bulk adding users to Microsoft Stream Groups not to Microsoft Teams. You would usually do that in Powershell. Bulk adding users to a Team would add them to the Office 365 Group which would sync over to the Stream group. When adding users to a Team it ought to send out an email message. Are you not seeing this?

Best, Chris

@glura in a text file, List the email addresses out with a semicolon in between them, then create the group click add members from outlook contacts and at the bottom of the screen in the field next to the members paste the list in there.

@shastah What you described is exactly what I'm hoping to do.  Can you give more context to what you described?  I don't see the UI elements you mentioned in your post above.


For context, a feature we would love to see is the ability for normal users (not admins via a cmdlet) to feed a list of semicolon-separated ids or email addresses into the "Add group members" field.  Currently you need to search for them one-by-one and as others have mentioned, this is a tedious process.  

@mcoulter315 I am running outlook for Office 365 on Windows 10 - go to contact (I click on the little people icon in the lower left corner) Right click anywhere in middle or right hand window where your contacts are listed and select new contact group. Give the group a name and click on Add members button, select from outlook contacts, and in the field marked members paste your semicolon separated contact list (just the emails separated by semicolons ; ) click OK, then save and close the group.

screenshot 1.png

screenshot 2.png

screenshot 3.png

to anyone following this: THIS IS WRONG.


Why? Because what it actually creates is a "Contact Group" not an "Office 365 Group". Unfortunately, this is an easy mistake to make. Our staff used to do this all the time.

Please note: I was not replying to original post. I was directly replying to “mcoulter”
So unless you have the right answer to the original post your comment is not relevant to mine

@shastah your reply to “mcoulter” was an extension of your original reply to "glura" - which was basically to create a "Contact Group". So yes my warning is relevant.


Hi @shastah, the group list works fine for General Channel's teams, but with a new private channel doesn´t work, I still add one by one and is a very long process.

Thanks for your help!