How to actually record a Microsoft Stream 'Live Event' on a mobile device?

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We seem to be having a massive amount of difficulty in finding out exactly what is required to complete this last step.


There is nothing other than an explanation around 'encoders' - which we assume are the softwares that actually prepare a user's video content for Stream - about how you actually SHOOT the live event?


How are you meant to do this? We need to shoot / stream the video on an Android mobile handset or an apple iphone. There is no functionality within any microsoft product that appears to allow you to shoot the live event and stream it to their system? Tried LiveStream, Periscope, there is no mobile version of the first hit in their own recommended list (OBS Studio)... we are at a loss as to how users actually -capture- any video.

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There is no support for live streaming from mobile devices to Stream/Live Events yet. It's something they were talking about looking into, but you cannot currently accomplish it with Live Events.

There might be some form of mobile "streaming app" that allows you to stream to multiple platforms, which you could then setup a Live Event, get the URL to the stream and feed that URL to the streaming app which would work, but I dont' know of any mobile apps that have that capability off the top of my head if there are any.

@Chris WebbThanks Chris. How does one normally capture the content for a Live Event? Is it a laptop job with the front camera swivelled to face the presentation or our speaker and screen in the room? We can't figure out what a standard device for something like this would be.


I'm guessing the assumption we made of handheld hardware like a camera or a phone cannot be correct in this instance.

Any camera that shows up in windows as such. I’m sure they make wireless capable ones. Maybe even a GoPro can be rigged to act as one. Not sure on that.

Anyway I just did a town hall meeting for my company. I took a laptop and sat at the table. Used my usb Logitech webcam from my monitor and clipped it to a stand in middle of table facing the front of the room. Bought a samson wireless sub lapel mic and controlled the meeting form my laptop. Worked fine.

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Great, thanks Chris. I sort of expected it to have to be something within or accessible via Windows. I'll pass this to our guys to have a think about.

I'd keep an eye out at ignite, might be something they will add to Stream at some point.

@Chris Webb Is there a roadmap for Live Events and is streaming from mobile devices included?