How to access Discover and Channels in new Stream(on Sharepoint)


Hi All,

Please let me know the steps to access Discover and Channels in the new Stream(on Sharepoint) or that will be retiring? 


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If you go to it shows you recent and recommended videos for you.

There is no discover page or channels like Classic.

You can search for video’s across M365 from anywhere you can search. Just user the search filter drop down to scope your search.

@Marc Mroz 

Are we to infer from this that Channels are no longer a part of Stream? What are the recommended best practices for organizing Stream content?

Correct channels aren't a concept going forward.

You should organize your videos similar to how you would files in SP Sites, Teams channels, Libraries, or folders.

Here is a guide on how to build video destinations on top of SharePoint.

And here is a specific guide for recreating Chanel type experience:

Next year we will also add a Playlist feature for further organization.