How should we share a video with stream


There is a video which has shared to the team I am in, I cannot access. Then the video owner share the video with me, I still cannot access, here is the video link, The detail error message I got is "This may not be for you It looks like you don't have permission to watch this video" What we should do to share a video to others?

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Hi @VincentHe ! I sent you a DM to answer your questions.



Every video has a Permission section on the settings. You have to be explicitly added, or all company, or one of the groups you are a member of need to be added in order for you to see it. So whoever shared the video didn't add the permissions for the audience that can see the video :). But I'm sure Chris said this same thing in DM hehe.
Hi Chris, what happens if the person who originally shared the video leaves the company? How can we change the permission setting to share with other new employees?
Stream Admin's should be able to make changes to it.