How long does the automatic transcript take to generate?

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Hello Streaming Community - I was wondering how does it take the auto generated transcript to load after you publish a video.  The videos I have been uploading for work are only 2 to 3 minutes long but the transcripts are not automatically generating even after 2 or 3 hours after published.  


We have team members who rely on the transcripts and I want to give them a time frame of when to go in and check out the video after I publish it.

Thanks for your help in advance

Sara Kloosterman

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Hi Sara,


I'm trying to accomplish the same thing.   Have you gone through the steps to open the video in "Stream".   Then "Update Video Details"...   You MUST set a language in order for the...


I just did a small 8 minute video and the captions took a few minutes (less than 15 mins for sure.)


Do you want to try working on it together ?




Here is a link.... it says that the time to generate the caption should be 1-2 X the length of the video that is being captioned. So a 5 minute recorded meeting should take about 10 minutes to caption.

I just realized that I couldn't caption my videos because I wasn't setting a language. (Oops). It seems to work now.