How do we save MS Stream video to MS SharePoint?

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Everyone,   Currently recording a MS Teams meeting with desktop shared.  Once file is completed it automatically uploads to MS Stream instead of downloading file locally like Skype For Business.  How do I copy/move the video from MS Stream directly into our folders in MS SharePoint.  


Currently I download the video to my desktop, and then upload to Sharepoint.  On an hour long video this takes FOREVER...  Would be so much easier if I could just move the file since SharePoint and Stream are both online Office 365 products.  If this is not possible can I at least change it so the MS Team meeting video downloads to a local folder instead of stream?  At least this would skip one step.


Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance, Chevy 

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Not a way to do either. I would suggest starting a uservoice for both, I couldn't find either on Stream:

Or Teams :

They best you might be able to do is sync, your SharePoint library, and do a download straight to it. But no move function is available.

@Chevy Davidson 


Steps to do :

1-add (stream)webpart in your SharePoint site

2-link this web part with the required stream channel.


Note: users can only watch your video if they have a stream license