How can I change the owner ship of a stream video?

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A User has upload videos to MS Stream. The User will leave the company in the next few days. How can I change the ownership of these videos? I also have a stream admin, but with this user it's not possible to change the ownership from these videos to another user.


Is that fundamentally not possible?

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@Weber1804 The Admin Edit Video Details to add additional users with the "Owner" permission. However, this does not change the listed name of the original uploader (sort of like how if someone uploads an Excel file into SharePoint, it always shows that user as the person who did the original upload).

@Kevin Crossman That's what I thought. Thankyou for your support.

@Kevin Crossman I have an additional question about this subject. In my case the owner of the MS Stream video has already left the company. Is it still possible to share this private video with other users within the company? I have access to view the video, but not owner permission.
Classic Stream or "Stream" on OneDrive?

Stream as an app in Office 365. It is the recording of a Teams meeting.


If you are a Stream Admin then you can change the permissions for any video in classic Stream (under "..." -> View Video Details).


But what you can't change is the name of the original uploader. That stays regardless of whether or nto the person is still in your org.

Okay, thank you very much for this information.
Thanks for the information. Can we be absolutely sure that there isn't a way to change who the original uploader of a video is? Maybe there would be a way through PowerShell?