How are we supposed to manage the transition to Stream (on Sharepoint)?

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Msft manages to shroud everything they do in layers of mystery and confusion. Is there a simple one pager that lays out how a 365 tenant admin should approach the switch to the "new " stream? Preferably something that opens, unlike the broken link to the migration doc here: 

I understand we can now opt to store Teams meetings in SP/OD which is fine, but what about videos we used to upload to Stream? Can we use the "new" Stream interface to upload those and leverage storage in SP/OD? What is the "new 365 video start page" mentioned here - is it just the old Stream page? 

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Thanks, yes I saw that but it describes a process under development and not what we need to know now (as far as I can tell). How would I know if the migration tools offered are ready to use, and if they are, when we should initiate a migration?
Hello again, well when I'm reading that article I think they are pretty clear on the approach so you must have just browsed through it ;) But to give some "guidance" I'm attaching these links to the "retirement date" and "migration timeline". As you can tell it's not happening in the near future.
Maybe I'm dense or maybe it's just poorly written, but I can't tell from those links whether I can do something now or if not, when I can. The whole plan still sounds tentative and ill defined. For example, the stream roadmap refers to " Preview of new video start page on" and says "The new video app in Microsoft 365 brings together all your videos uploaded to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and across the suite and enables you to easily create new videos and get to videos shared with, and recommended for,"
What new video app? Do they mean the Stream app? If so why not specify that? Also that app hasn't changed for me - and it doesn't provide any access to videos hosted outside of Stream.

@matt howell I have exactly the same questions as Matt.


We currently have a requirement to migrate the Stream content from another tenant to our current one and I would like to future proof this by migrating to SP/OneDrive rather than the Classic Stream Portal. However there is no way the users are going to be happy with a video file dumped in a SP Library when they currently have a dedicated Portal for the their Classic Stream videos.

I don't see any way to host modern Stream videos in the Stream portal and the Stream Web Part only works with Classsic Stream. The provided documentation from MS doesn't answer any of these questions.


Can anyone on here help? 

@agaskell Hi, I wouldn't say your question is identical really. But there are so much info available at the docs so I don't get why you cannot seem to find this information. You need to put in some work (no offence!).


Why don't you fill out the form and connect with the Stream team and apply for early adopters too?


Migration to the newest version of Microsoft Stream (Page 1 of 4) (


Microsoft Stream customer connections - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs


As for the migration tool:


"The migration tool discussed in this article is still under development. We are providing detailed information about how the tool will work in the FUTURE, so that you can plan for the migration and give us feedback on our plan. If you wish to give us feedback on the plan or specific suggestions, please fill out this survey after you've read all the articles.


In addition, we are seeking early adopters to try out the tool before it's released to the public. To be considered for the migration tool early adopter program sign up here.

For customers using Stream (Classic), we will support your transition to Microsoft Stream over time, with a phased introduction of new features in Microsoft 365, migration tools, and guidance.


We have not yet set a retirement date for Stream (Classic). We'll only set a retirement date after:


1. Needed Stream (Classic) video features are rebuilt and available in Microsoft 365 (See roadmap)

2. The migration tool described below is fully available with needed capabilities


After the above two requirements are met, we'll give you 9-12 months notice before the retirement date is effective and Stream (Classic) is no longer available.


  • October 2020 - Opt in for new meeting recordings to be saved to OneDrive & SharePoint
  • January 2021 - Opt out for new meeting recordings to be saved to OneDrive & SharePoint
  • June 2021 - Stream (on SharePoint) new web app for available as opt in - Roadmap ID: 68830
  • Q3 CY 2021 - Mandatory for all new for new meeting recordings to be saved to OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Q4 CY 2021 - Stream (classic) migration tool preview available - Roadmap ID: 68928
  • See roadmap - Needed Stream (Classic) video features are rebuilt and available in Microsoft 365
  • Future - Stream (classic) migration tool complete and fully available
  • Future - Stream (classic) retirement date set
  • 9-12 months after retirement date announcement - Stream (classic) is fully retired and unable to be used for new or existing content


Migrate to Stream on SharePoint - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs

@agaskellUnfortunately Msft typically mixes their marketing hype with technical documentation and uses misleading feature names like "Stream (on Sharepoint)". I talked to a Msft support engineer who told me that despite the hype, not that much is changing other than the introduction of the Stream start page which will aggregate videos from all 365 locations instead of just Stream. So the "big idea" is the new start page will align Stream with the format of the existing Office apps like Word, OneNote etc. Seems obvious that it should have always been that way, but I digress....
The start page preview is only accessible via the direct url and you'll see there the "upload" option only lets you upload to onedrive (similar to what the create link does for other apps). I imagine they'll add other Sharepoint locations at some point, but again that isn't made clear. There's no way to upload to Stream hosting from the start page.
Though the start page change isn't a big deal (no one will likely use it anyway), the direction to move away from Stream storage IS an issue because Msft hasn't yet updated the Stream web part to support non Stream locations, and hasn't provided an alternative easy way of embedding videos on pages for non technical users. Expecting them to go to a library and copy a link into an iframe code in the embed web part ain't going to fly.

So it's a cart before the horse situation: they should have provided a simple media web part FIRST (or updated the Stream web part) that lets you pick a video file from anywhere videos are stored before messing with the start page. That would have made their intentions and these changes much clearer. That, and writing a succinct description of what is actually happening .... 

You really should connect with the Stream team as mentioned above, not the support.

@ChristianJBergstrom The Stream ideas and blog pages are months behind. Our staff are frustrated at this forced transition now, which is a support issue in my opinion.

Yeah all this chopping and changing between SP storage, then O365 Video, then Stream and now back to SP is taxing on users and REQUIRES a much better process and rational documentation. No other company I know operates in such a slapdash way.

@matt howell @StephenBlack Well, it wont get any better by complaining in the community. So either reach out to the official support or connect with the Stream team Microsoft Stream customer connections - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs