Hide Video Info on Stream Embed. Available on O365 Video but not Stream.

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In O365 Video, when embedding a video, you have the option to hide the video info.  This checkbox is not available with MS Stream video embed option.  I tried adding a url parameter to the embed code that I see on O365 Video to the Stream embed, but it didn't work.  Does anyone know of a work around?

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Currently this functionality does not yet exist, but I encourage you to add it to our ideas forum. I assume you are referring to the "showInfo" parameter on the Office Video embed?

Yes, that is exaxtly it!  Sorry, I'm new to these communities.  Can you proivde direction for getting to the "ideas forum".

No problem at all.  Here is the link https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/idb-p/StreamIdeas and then you can select the submit ideas button