Hide the "View in Microsoft Stream" Icon in an embedded video

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Hi All,

 Is there a way to hide the "View in Microsoft Stream" icon when embedding a video?


We want to use Microsoft Stream as the video repository and streaming service but do not want users viewing the videos to be able to go to the Streams interface from the video.


Effectively we want to embed the video in our intranet and keep it in that context without the social media platform aspect of the Microsoft Streams site.


Was hoping there is an iframe attribute like autoplay=false or showinfo=false that could do the trick.


Any help appreciated!

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The Stream embed code already supports this. If you grab the embed code from Stream there is a toggle at the top that turns on/off the info overlay. the parameter is showinfo=false.


It hides the title, stream link, view count, and like count.


Show Info - Embed Off.png

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the quick reply but I already have the showinfo=false attribute set.

However this does not seem to hide the icon on the bottom right of the stream when you hover over it that reads "View in Microsoft Streams".

Here is my code :

"<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://web.microsoftstream.com/embed/video/8921b18a-8f73-4ba2-9f43-585f134a07f0?autoplay=false&show..." frameborder="0" ></iframe>"


Still get this 

View In Microsoft Stream.jpg


Any ideas ?

Sorry, we don't have a way to hide that icon, sorry I missed your original question.

You can add your ideas/votes about this idea on our Stream Ideas forum: http://aka.ms/StreamIdeas

Hey Marty,


did you found any solution to hide microsoft video icon? I also am facing similar issue.


Thanks in advance


Hi all, the showinfo=false doesn't seem to work, when use the embed link, it still shows all the info including allowing people to like etc. 


Is there any way to avoid these options please? 


Thanks and regards