Having Microsoft Teams recordings accessible by users other than person recording.

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Hey there. I work for a training provider and we would like to implement teams for online training sessions with our students, but just trying to work out some of the nitty gritty. I've done a bit of testing, but would appreciate any feedback that will help our organisation implement Teams and accessing it's recordings saved in Stream.


Currently we use Zoom, and we record our sessions via cloud and admin upload them to SharePoint to retain as evidence.


From my testing, once the recording is finalised in Teams and transferred to the Stream account of the user the recorded the teams meeting, it automatically saves as a private video. I cannot find a setting to automatically change that.


Our issue is that our trainers will be delivering sessions from remote locations and we do not want to have to rely on them to transfer them into our SharePoint, we want admin to do that.


I find that giving admin access in Stream doesn't allow viewing of private files.


Am I missing something? Or can someone propose something that might help within our context.


To clarify, we want one staff member (the trainer) to be able to deliver a teams session/record it. We want another staff member (admin staff) to be able to download/delete that video from Stream and upload it to SharePoint.


The problem we are having is having the admin staff being able to access the recordings from Teams within Stream.


I'm grateful for any help. Thanks !

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@tom88  When recording a Teams meeting, the person who  presses the record button is the video owner in Stream and all participants become permission to access (guest, external and anonymous can't view the video(!!!)). When you have a Teams meeting attached to a Teams channel, the group gets access. Download of a video is possible for all owners, for Stream admins and for Global Admins. To inform an admin, the teacher can send a mail providing the link to the Stream video. An other option is to monitor the audit log and inform the admin automatically about a new uploaded Video. He can then click the link to the Stream Video, he has to be in admin mode, and he has access, even if he does not have assigned permission. Admin could also in admin mode go to Discover/Video, sort by Publishing date and see the last videos in the tenant.

And you need to give the teachers recording the videos a manual, that not only says start recording and that's it. They have to enter a description to the video when the recording is finished about what is recorded.