#Hastags consisting out of multiple words (spaces)

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Hi Everyone,

I've been using Stream for a while now and ran into this "problem" a couple of times but only now I have found it to be annoying enough to go look for a solution (if that exists).
The problem is with the video tagging. When I have a tag that consists out of multiple words I can do two things:
1. #HashtagItLikeThis or
2. #Hashtag #It #Like # This
Option 1 looks a little chaotic and is not how end-users search, however with option 2 you will eventually get a lot of noise when searching.

What I'm looking for is a way to incorporate a blank space (substituted with a character) in a hashtag.
For instance something like this: #Hashtag_It_Like_This

Is there another option that I don't know about that can achieve what I am looking for?

Kind regards!

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I realise this is an old thread, but for anyone interested placing (#brackets around the phrase) seems to work.