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I use Microsoft Teams for teaching and the groups that I use are inherited from there. I have created a channel full of videos and assigned them to a group. Now, with a new school year I want to be able to assign the same channel of videos to a new group. I can individually set the permissions on videos to allow access to the new group, but I wonder if there is an easier way to allow a whole new group access to a channel? If there is I can't find it!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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@Patrick Reilly 

Hey Patrick, it seems that they work exactly the opposite way - you can have Groups as the main structure, and the Channels are assigned to these groups. Therefore it makes sense to create more channels for specific topics under one Group. Could you make your project structure the opposite way? It's simple to give permissions then. 

Hi @Patrick Reilly,

Unfortunately, not currently. There is a uservoice currently open here for adding an existing Stream Channel to a group

However, nothing on the 365 roadmap.

Having tested this morning, the easiest way is to create channels under groups and then amend the videos so that both channels under both groups have access to the same videos. I understand that this is manual process so I have also raised this uservoice to be able to add

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

I think you may be right! The probelm I have is that I create Class Teams which become my groups and each year a new Team/Group will want to have access to the same set of videos! I may have to reupload for each new group each year which is a pain! @janastrakerlova 

Thanks Christopher, I think my issue is that each year a new class comes along that creates a new group which want access to the channel! I will have to think more creatively about a work around... like making a 'supergroup' outside of Teams and having the channels connected to that. I'd need to manually add the students to the 'supergroup' even though they are already in a group based on the their Team. I'll need to give it careful thought... @Christopher Hoard