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I see that there is a "Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing" on the roadmap but it does not say if that will also be on the government tenant.  We are looking to be able to put sensitive videos out on the 3rd party regulatory website where only those logged into that system (not apart of our AD) and assigned to our account can see the video.  Any suggestions?

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@gvanbuhler - We don't have an option for you to do this currently (Govt or non-govt tenants) in Stream. You'll have to wait until we get this roadmap item completed.  In general we try and get features deployed to both public regions and Government regions at the same time. However there are times when new features need more time/work/deployment/dev to be able to work in Govt, in those cases there can be a delay between when we release to public regions and govt.


We aren't far enough along in the Public Anonymous project to know yet if we can or can't release it at the same time for govt customers.