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Hello - I am utilizing stream to record and upload videos to our newly made Teams setup for our classes for our students. I am recording myself in front of my whiteboard and quickly realized the recording had all of the text on the whiteboard reversed when i went backed and watched the video. Any help on how to fix this problem so that I can correctly show the students my text on the whiteboard? Thanks

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Hi @smcelvain11, can you describe how you were recording the video in Stream - do you mean in the Stream mobile app?  



@garrettbronner - yes i have been recording them with the stream app.

@smcelvain11 hi and thank you for you question.  There are two different ways that you can get the text in your recording to show up so it is readable in the video.


1. Use the world facing camera on your device: If you use the world facing camera the image is not reversed.  So if you setup your phone/tablet such that it has the correct framing of the scene and hit record the video will not be mirrored and it will likely be using a better lens on your device for the scenario as the front camera for most devices is optimized around capturing something close to the screen (ie while you are holding the device).

2. There is a mirror option in the trim screen: If you prefer to stick with the front facing "selfie" camera you can also mirror the video after you finish recording it.  After capturing your clip and navigating to the review screen, you should see a timeline of thumbnails.  Tapping that will take you to single clip edit page which has a mirror button in the center bottom.  The button has an icon of two triangles.  Taping that will mirror the image, then just confirm and you should be good to go.


Please let me know if this solves your problem and/or if you have any additional issues.




@Mark_Schwesinger Hi Mark, I am also currently having this issue with videos I am preparing for students. Recording on the world facing camera is not possible as I need to see the screen to make sure I don't go out of view. I have looked for the mentioned mirror button and cannot find it in the Android app: if I click "+">Create a new video>Reverse the camera>Record>Pause>Arrow in bottom right hand corner>Select the clip (the horizontal bar of screenshots), the only two options I am given are to delete the clip or to cancel (as far as I can see I should also have the option to trim the clip here?). I have also looked at the in-browser app on my desktop and can navigate to editing tools like trimming and replacing the video, but no specific option to mirror it, and there are no options I can find within those other tools.

@EdSanderson Unfortunately the mirror functionality is only available on iOS at this time.  My recommendation right now, would be to use the default camera on Android for your recording and then upload that video with the Stream mobile app.


Please let me know if you have additional questions.



@Mark_Schwesinger That is unfortunate. As I say I need to see the view - I need to use a lot of a white board to work through the problems I teach, so I am constantly checking the view and moving it to get the relevant details in. If I ever go off the view without realising then the video needs reproducing. So this solution simply isn't adequate. What are the options with the desktop, is it possible at all to record to stream through a webcam? I am hoping this way I could see the view on the desktop screen as I am recording so I can see when adjustments are necessary, but from what I can see this is not possible. Failing this, I fear I may have to revert to traditional technology and do as you suggest but with a physical mirror behind my phone screen. Are there any plans to bring this functionality to Android?

@EdSanderson can you please clarify what isn't working for you if you use the default camera on your phone? The Stream app will let you upload videos from any camera or recording software on your phone.


You can make recordings with your desktop as well.  Any camera and recording software should work as long as it produces a standard video format (like mp4).  You can upload that directly to the Stream website.

I am making videos of myself teaching infront of a wall mounted whiteboard, and posting them on a Teams group. If I use the default camera, the screen is facing away from me, meaning I cannot see the camera view. It is important that I can see this so I know what can be seen, and I can avoid going beyond it or adjust the camera if necessary.

I understand I can upload videos recorded with other software and use my front facing camera this way, but I hoped to streamline this and do everything in the Stream software and then simply post the link to the Teams group, as would be possible using iOS. An equivalent feature for Android would therefore be great for users like myself, because the rest of this process works incredibly well.

Anyway, I'm glad to know where things stand so thank you for the advice Mark, it is highly appreciated. I will work something out.



Low tech solution is to put a mirror behind the camera to check your location on screen.



@langy67 Thanks Pete, I thought the same. Actually works surprisingly well and allows me to use the better camera, so I'm happy to work like this. Thanks again.

@EdSanderson Thank you for your time and I understand the frustration you are facing.  We are working to bring parity to the Android feature set and generally we want to have our products at parity, although at times you might see one or the other getting a new feature first.  



@Mark_Schwesinger Understandable Mark, thanks again.