Feedback on the Swedish Translation in Microsoft Stream

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I really like the new Microsoft Stream Service. .. But there are some Swedish (machine) Translation in interface that needs a polish pass. 


Here are some examples: 

  1. The word "Views" as in the number of people who has viewed a movie, the number of hits.
    1. This word is being translated to "Vyer" that translates to "Views" as in "Wow, we have a nice view of the city from here"
    2. The Correct translation to swedish should be "Visningar" or "Träffar"(hits)
    3. The best part of this is that when its just 1 view. the translation is 1 visning, which is the correct translation. 
  2. The word "Share" as in sharing the video to other people.
    1. This word is being translated to "Resurs" that translates to "Resource"
    2. The correct translation to swedish should be "Dela"
  3. The word "Likes" as in "This video has 10 likes" 
    1. This word is being translated to the very robot like "Gilla markeringar", which i interp as "Like-marks".

There are some more artifacts of the machine translation. 

Would be nice if it could be polished up.  Some translations really dont make sense 


Ive attached some examples




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This is awesome feedback, @Jan Tibell. Thank you for reaching out with it. All our localization is actually done by humans but I'll be sure to bring this back to them. For clarification, you mention that "Gilla markeringar" is too robotic and isn't really true to the sentiment we're trying to get across. What would you recommend in its place?
Instead of Gilla Markeringar
I could recommend "Gillar detta"

1 gillar detta
10 gillar detta

or just "gillar"

This would translate to "Likes this"
1 likes this
and 10 likes this