Failure to upload to Stream from Teams

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Hello folks,


We are getting intermittent errors in uploading MS Teams recording to Stream with the message:

"Recording failed to upload to stream"


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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@SSUET This sort of error was reported in the last days often here in the Techcommunity. Open a ticket at Microsoft. Currently no solution heard a user or admin can do.


You can check if Stream is still enabled in your tenant and if the recording starter can upload videos to Stream. Or the setting in the Stream admin setting for restricting video uploads is switched on and the recording starter is not added there.

@Tomislav Karafilov 

This issue has also occurred in a student class Teams on our tenancy. The student who created the meeting, which has now failed to upload to Stream, just wants to remove that part of the Chat Conversation, but is unable to do so. There is no ... option next to a failed recording, allowing you to delete that chat post. To confirm, the Video hasn't processed or published, so is not in Stream.
As an Admin, am I able to remove that Chat conversation post, and rid the channel of that failed recording? It doesn't appear, initally to me, that you can do this.  Why not?

@joneslm Maybe this helps for clarification: And why this messages are not deleteable has to do with Teams. Had the same in my tenant. Can't say why.