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I teach kindergarten students and need the ability to give them easy access to videos I've prepared.  I usually do this by creating a QR code for them to scan, but for this to work I need the ability to create a link that is "anyone with link can view".  Please allow external guests to view video.  We are looking for a way to compile vidoe resources to share accross our district but we need the ability to give our youngest learners and thier families easy access...Is this coming soon?

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When will the ability to share streams video with public be available?  @Joris Desseyn 

+1 on this feature. 


I suspect they're not building it because public-sharing of a video implies unlimited access and there are bandwidth costs that Microsoft would have to absorb given Stream has no ad network.

@mbowgren during covid19 we are hosting many meetings with clients and clients are happy to receive recordings. So that is a limited audience but external. I think allowing "guests" of team meetings to be able to access the streaming services would be sufficient. 

@xman68  Completely agree. My workaround during CV19 is to use WeTransfer. Uploading to Youtube without password protection and just an unlisted URL as protection is just a no go for us. WeTransfer is surprisingly quick even for large files.

Yet another core feature not implemented. And one that's been on going for years... We recently moved our company over to the Microsoft eco system and every day I coming across core (obvious) feature missing, and every day I regret the move more. Yes it's all under one roof, but most of it is useless with missing features that seem obvious to everyone but the developers. If Teams id there to help reduce context switching don't force us external sources to satisfy these core features. Such disappointment. 

@Rob0303030, Microsoft is moving to a new Stream over the coming months which will have videos stored in OneDrive and SharePoint and external sharing will be a part of the process. The new Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs



Hi, with respect I am sure you are now aware that this specific problem will change which is great news.


I am surprised that your team did not do the due diligence and understand that some features have been in waiting for some time.  it might have removed any surprise.


To try and help, we all get frustrated but the basic model is that MS created an environment on which things can be built quickly with the more complex items taking longer and needing to be implemented later when it is ready.  Stream is really an external service so getting it to do external in a way that your audit teams would be happy with in terms of security is hard.


It is very inconvenient but I will wait for a solution that would not cause a security concern rather than MS rush it and embarrass me with my name against an insecure product.




HI Steve

Thank you for your message, and yes I am now aware that the solution is being worked on. But to say my team did not do the due diligence on this matter... Teams allows guest access as with most of Microsofts products. Stream is actually built into Teams, not just an App, but built in to the interface. Even as a guest logged into Teams the Stream option is available in the message field. Microsoft even announced that they are switching on guest access to Teams by default. Anyone looking in from the outside would assume that all core functions of the Teams interface coexist. Such as Guest access being pushed very hard, and stream being actually part of the interface.

I look forward to the update of Stream, and more importantly look forward to being able to bring in a guest to a project and not have to externally send all videos from the stream channel, and videos posted in the channel to the guest seperately, completely defeating the object of the Teams objective.